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Want to change your posture but not sure where to start? This video series is for you! (Please be sure to read the download instructions.)


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Want to change your posture but not sure where to start? This video series is for you! Good posture is not about forcing yourself to sit up straight, it’s about creating life long habits that promote health, comfort and relaxation.

In this video series, you’ll learn everything you need to know about ergonomics and healthy posture so that you can attain long lasting results. At first it takes a little work, but with our coaching you will find that healthy posture feels good and it’s ultimately more comfortable.

How it works:

This revolutionary posture makeover method has more than 3 hours of video and over 100 stretches, exercises and ergonomic tips. Each day for 30 days you watch a short video that gives in-depth coaching on a different aspect of posture, plus a mini stretch and exercise session that is designed to open tight posture muscles and strengthen weak ones.

How do I download?

Add the desired video to your cart then go through the checkout process. You will be directed to a PayPal shopping cart where you can either pay through your PayPal account, or you can use your credit card. You will then receive an email containing a link to where you can download your video. If you do not receive an email, please check your spam folder. Sometimes it takes a few minutes for the email to arrive. Once you click the download link, please allow several minutes for the download process. If you have not received a link after 10 minutes, please email us. If you have created an account on this website, there will also be a download link on the “My Account” page of this website (not available if you check out as a guest). Or, you can access the download links after going through the Paypal process by clicking the “return to merchant” link.

Your access to the online files will expire in 30 days, so please be sure to download them before that time.

If you experience a problem please email  powerofposture@gmail.com

Problems with files?

If you are getting partial downloads, or if it’s taking forever to get the files downloaded, it might be because your internet is a little slow and you’ll need smaller files. Please email powerofposture@gmail.com to get a new link to lower resolution files that will download more quickly.

Other formats:

This video series is available in 3 formats: download, DVD and smartphone app.