Posture Therapy / Stretch Massage

Call today to book a stretch massage in Eugene, Oregon:  541-525-0669
(Monthly sessions are available in the San Francisco Bay Area 510-384-2773)

Modern life and chronic sitting gives us tight hips, sore backs, and slumped posture. We offer an innovative posture therapy program that incorporates a unique combination of stretch massage and ergonomic analysis, which is designed to open your chronically tight muscles and leave you standing tall. Once your body is stretched out and the muscles return to their natural length, you will notice a giant difference in the way you feel!

We specialize in Reposturing Dynamics, a system of assisted stretches and massage techniques designed to provide deep relief from muscle tightness and posture imbalances.

Pricing:thai massage

Eugene –
– first session $40
– single session $80
– package of five sessions for $350 ($70 each)

Bay Area –
– $90 per session, extra fee of $10 for home visits


e: powerofposture@gmail.com

t: (541) 525-0669 (Eugene, Oregon)

t: (510) 384-2773 (San Francisco Bay Area)