headshotMichelle Joyce, M.S., has been a featured posture and ergonomics expert on TV shows across the US. She has a rich background in helping people to achieve good health. She was a professional dancer for 15 years, but her terrible back pain began to interfere with her career. After trying every imaginable remedy, she finally discovered Posture Therapy and has since devoted herself to spreading the word about the health benefits of healthy posture.

Michelle’s unique approach addresses the emotional aspects of posture, and believes that stress and unhealthy posture are strongly connected. She uses her Master’s in Counseling to help clients break old habits and create sustainable new ones.

She is particularly passionate about teaching children healthy posture habits, and believes that early intervention will prevent pain, increase their ability to learn and pay attention, give them confidence, and help them to succeed in life. She is also the author of the children’s book Posture Posey and the Slumpyback Goblins, and has recently released a book for adults called Posture Makeover. She currently runs a private practice in Eugene, Oregon, dedicated to giving posture makeovers to people of all ages.